Our Approach

We interview every client to learn about their organization and their culture and then weave this information into our 60- and 90-minute presentations. Each and every keynote is customized to the client and the situation. Our style is always to be engaging, inspiring, entertaining and interactive with the audience. Our goal is to create an environment of learning, sharing and collaborative effort.

Our Topics


Against the Grain

Positive Results in a Down Economy:

  • Use a non-traditional approach to attain success
  • Thrive in the midst of the constantly-changing environment
  • Don't be a by-stander - Achieve goals!
  • Create the Success Mindset
Quilly Award Honoree 2013


Paradigm Shift of the 21st Century Leader: Ignite the fire WITHIN!

Learn about the 7-step Process to create a High Performance Corporate Culture - embedded in an inspirational presentation.

  • Leadership Alignment
  • The Nyman Success Triangle™
  • Company Alignment
  • Shared Strategy Blueprint
  • Gap Analysis
  • Create the Breakthrough Success Formula
  • The High Performance Multiplier


The 7 Ingredients of a High Performance Corporate Culture

We will share with you the 7 top ingredients that lead to a High Performance Corporate Culture.

  • Success Triangle
  • Shared Strategy
  • Inclusion & Collaboration
  • Engagement & Buy-in
  • Accountability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Success Process
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