Leadership Development

The High Performance Leadership Certificate Program is your path from yesterday’s passive model of leadership to the proactive leadership skills you need to thrive in today’s uncertain and ultra-competitive environment. It is a thorough and interactive training curriculum to becoming a high-performing proactive leader in any functional context within an organization—from the C-suite across the organization.

Leadership has become more difficult to master in an age of perpetual change, shrinking resources, and complex geopolitics. To thrive, leaders must develop proactive skills. They must be able to:

  • Mobilize coalitions with diverse agendas, needs, and wants
  • Drive and execute the corporate strategy even as the environment shifts.
  • Negotiate and influence across and beyond organizational boundaries

With the completion of our Peak Performance Leadership Curriculum, your organization will have the type of high-performance leader who can assure:

  • Organizational Agility; more nimble and innovative, with greater responsiveness to changes in the market.
  • A Culture of Execution and High Performance;
  • Engaged Employees
  • Development of Talents
  • High EQ/EI (Emotional Intelligence)
For more information about our High Performance Leadership Development Certificate Program, contact Helena Nyman at 804-513-3536 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.