Executive Coaching

What can Coaching do for you?

  • Gain more influence in your organization
  • Launch a new initiative
  • Get commitment and build alignment among your executive team
  • Improve your business relationship across the organization
  • Implement difficult changes
  • Grow your organization
  • Improve your leadership skills as you venture into new, unfamiliar areas
  • Quickly gain knowledge about new functions where you lacked experience
  • Make a transition to a new role or organization
  • Avoid burn out and balance work, family, hobbies, and health
  • Make decisions with incomplete information
  • Get clarity about organizational strategy and direction

Coaching Process

We conduct most of our coaching sessions via the telephone. Face-to-face sessions are available upon request. The duration of the session(s) depend(s) on arrangement.

You are in charge of disclosing new concerns, past actions, new goals, and techniques you wish to use to accomplish the new goals. Like a fitness coach (who might require a regimen of specific behaviors to help you become a more effective player), we often assign homework, which we hold you accountable to complete as agreed upon.

Each coaching plan includes the development of clear objectives and goals for the coaching process. The phases of the plan are as follows:

Phase 1 - Objective
Together, we identify developmental objectives and goals Together, we define the current state (baseline)

Phase 2 - Assessment
The Consultant/Coach conducts the Assessment and Gap Analysis (Diagnosis) The Consultant/Coach collects data to understand the situation. Data can include interviews with all stakeholders, surveys, and performance metrics

Phase 3 - Design a Plan
Together, we create a specific Action Plan for the Coaching Process. This personalized action plan is necessary for long-term behavior change and sustainability.

Phase 4 - Intervention
You will experience Consulting/Coaching Sessions and interaction via email between the scheduled sessions so that you feel supported and guided in making the desired changes Consultant/Coach and client work together to improve results, based on the Intervention Plan Results are tracked and measured. Feedback sessions will take place during planned sessions We will establish Accountability

Phase 5 - Implementation
Together, we will implement the required action and changed behavior so that the desired results can be achieved. This involves providing the necessary support through consistent follow-up so that progress is made, behavior changed, skills developed, and results achieved.

Phase 6: Evaluation
The Client will get immediate feedback During this time, we will test the Client’s accountability Together, we measure success and fine-tune if necessary Together, we celebrate the Client’s Success!

Phase 7: Follow-up
The Consultant/Coach will follow up and fine-tune process to change behavior, develop new skills and attain desired results if necessary.

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